Brynn, age 10, began PATCH visits with her mother four and a half years ago. Her mother explains that having her young daughter come into a prison for visits concerned her.

The general visiting room was full of offenders and visitors. It was loud and all of the noise seemed to overwhelm her daughter. She is grateful for PATCH and PATCH visits where her daughter is more comfortable and relaxed. Brynn says she likes to visit her mom in the PATCH room because “it’s more colorful and not as loud”.  She says, “PATCH is good for kids because you worry about your mom when you’re not with her, but when you get to see her one-on-one, those worries go WHOOSH!!”

Brynn is a frequent visitor in the PATCH room. Her mother is a former president of the PATCH Offender Organization. Brynn and her mother appear in the PATCH video available at

Update: Brynn’s mother was released from Chillicothe Correctional Center earlier this year.