Social Reintegration is a term that most people have never heard, yet, in the world of criminal justice and reform, it is incredibly important. Some of the keys to success in Social Reintegration include, “…measures taken to encourage and promote contact with family, friends and the community, to which almost all prisoners will one day return.” The “how to” of this particular endeavor is complicated, but a certain step in this process is to facilitate contact between current offenders and compassionate community members in order for PATCH moms to feel more confident in forming positive relationships after leaving incarceration.

In an effort to help facilitate this kind of growth in its participants, in October of 2017—and for the very first time—PATCH invited (and cleared through correctional center protocols) volunteers to its PATCH Offender Organization Banquet. Over the course of the two-hour event, the 60 attendees participated in a program, enjoyed a catered meal, and made connections, which in some cases, were years in the making. And while the occasion was an obvious highlight for the PATCH offender participants, the most glowing reviews were received by some of the volunteer drivers, who finally had the opportunity to meet the mother of PATCH children whom they had known and served for years. As one volunteer put it…

“This event was the highlight of my year.”


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